Window Cleaning

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No one enjoys looking in or out of a grimy window, and you want your employees, as well as potential clients, to enjoy the views from your office building uninterrupted. Knowing that a thorough office window cleaning can help improve the general feel of cleanliness of a workplace, we work with many of our clients to complete high-quality window cleans.

We offer window cleaning services for buildings up to 65 metres tall. Because our system allows us to complete office window cleaning for very tall buildings, we can help bring a spotless sparkle to your office windows regardless of the floor you work on!


Exterior Office Window Cleaning

We use a vehicle mounted de-ionised water fed pole system for cleaning window exteriors. This system allows us to reach all the way up to upper building floors to ensure a total clean, and can even be used on solar panels and other hard-to-reach exterior surfaces. We have chosen to primarily utilise this system because it allows us to provide excellent cleaning service with little impact on your business’ operations or the environment.


Interior Office Window Cleaning

We use a steam-based system for interior office window cleaning. This system does not use detergents and is perfect for helping our team provide professional results with little interruption for you and your clients.

Other External Maintenance 

Alongside cleaning windows, we can also make sure that your exterior surfaces, including brickwork and paving areas, are clean. Our team is trained to complete quality cleans with the utmost professionalism, and we will work with you to make sure that our cleaning process doesn’t negatively impact your operations.

Looking for  window cleaning near the North West? Check out our location pages for more information on our UK cleaning services.