Commercial Office Cleaning Service

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We offer the best in commercial office cleaning service throughout the North West UK. For commercial cleaning jobs big and small, our team can work with you to have a professional cleaning job completed, based around your business’ schedule. 

Our office/industrial cleans are completed on a contract basis. After a contract is formed, our management oversees the completion of the cleaning project, and provides pre-cleaning training/overviews to the CWC360 team to ensure that our cleaners are fully prepared for the job.

Maintenance Cleaning

If you are looking for a regular commercial office cleaning or tidying, our team is happy to make arrangements for maintenance cleans. These cleans are based around your needs, but may include standard dusting, sanitising, vacuuming, tidying, etc. Our general or maintenance cleans are designed to have your space looking its best for your employees, clients, and guests as they come through your space. We make a professional finish an expectation for each job, so you can open your office to outsiders with full confidence once we are done. 



Washroom Cleaning

Our cleaners are prepped to properly sanitise washrooms and prepare them to look the best for your employees and clients. We can provide maintained/serviced sanitisation products/systems, sanitary units, dispensers, water management systems, towel systems, vending machines and hand dryers. With managed consumables/washroom equipment, we can even assist in reducing your office’s water and energy usage. 


Event Clean-up

Whether your office is hosting a company party, or inviting outsiders in for a big event, let us handle the aftermath! We will come in and clean up all the extra mess to bring your office back to being tidy and ready for regular business.

If you feel like your space needs some extra help to be ready for an event, we can also come in beforehand and do a pre-event cleaning! If you need extra cleaning support during your event, we can also make arrangements to have cleaners on-site to keep the mess under control as the event takes place.


After-Builders Cleaning

As a commercial office cleaning service, we have found that offices and workspaces are often in need of a bit of special cleaning after new construction work. The extra dust and debris from a recent construction project is not only unsightly, but can also create respiratory issues or irritations for workers using the new or remodelled space. We work with a number of contractors to come in after the builders are done and make sure that the final construction is spotless.  

We make it a point to maintain a cleaning team that is both reliable and flexible. This means that you can count on us to get the job done, even if your timelines shift as you are building.



 Looking for a reliable commercial office cleaning service in the North West? Check out our location pages for more information on our UK cleaning services.