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Do you have offices to clean in Manchester? Get in touch with our reliable exert and insured team at CWC 360 Clean Solutions. Find out which service we offer.


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CWC360 is proud to offer industrial and office cleaning in Manchester and the North West. We are dedicated to working with our business partners to provide quality cleans that improve the environment of your workplace, and help you set your best foot forward, no matter your business or industry. 

Led by management with over 200 years in the cleaning business, our cleaning teams are trained and supplied with all the tools needed to get the job done right. We have over 350 employees, so can make arrangements to have a full team ready to work around your business schedule. 


Our Industrial and Commercial Cleaning Services

We will work with you to create a cleaning plan that matches your business’ operations and needs. Whether you are looking for a simple maintenance clean to tidy office spaces and sanitize the washrooms after a big event, or you are a contractor looking to partner with us for a builder’s clean, we will offer you a transparent bookings process and high-quality service.


Along with standard cleans, we have the know-how to properly perform a hygiene clean (including a COVID-19 clean), deep clean difficult carpets and upholstery, wash windows up to 65 meters high, and provide speciality cleaning services like diamond grinding. We can also work with you to maintain your stock of consumables, such as toilet rolls and hand towels, and offer a managed mat service for a variety of floor mats types, including anti-slip.

We personally vet and train all members of our staff, so we can assure you that your cleaning job is in the best possible hands. In any rase case of accidental damages caused during the cleaning process, we do hold full commercial insurance for our services. Our high standards for service quality and professionalism also include a standard for environmental consciousness; we work to minimize the negative impacts of our cleaning activities on the environment and are conscientious with our use of supplies and equipment. 


Booking an Industrial or Office Cleaning in Manchester

To make sure that we schedule the services most needed for your business, we will do a preliminary meeting and workplace evaluation with you before we get started. After this evaluation, we will work with you to create an agreement and scheduling plan for our services, and give you an itemized quote for our work. 

Once we have a plan in place, we will brief our cleaning team on the agreement and make sure that they are trained and equipped for the services you require. We will take care of the scheduling to make sure that a well-prepared team is ready and on-time. We will also assign you to an Account Manager, who will be responsible for auditing the quality of our team’s cleans, and who will be your designated contact. 

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