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We offer specialist cleaning services to match those additional needs you may have within your office or workspace. Whether you need help with stripping or sealing areas, want advice on preventative solutions, or need a Covid clean, contact us to schedule professional specialist cleaning services in the North West of England..

Specialist Cleaning Services

Our team is ready to dive into just about anything cleaning-related. We can work on projects that involve deep cleaning, stripping and sealing, re-fit cleaning, and even diamond grinding. This is not an exhaustive list-please contact us to discuss any other special services you need for your space, and we will work to accommodate your requests. 



Preventative Solutions

Curious how you can prevent dust, dirt buildup, or surface damage? Our team can assess your working conditions to suggest ways to help preserve your carpeting, furniture, and surfaces. For example, our team is able to recommend Fluoroseal carpet and fabric protectors for protecting carpeting and furniture. 


Hygiene Cleanings

Although we believe that helping your workspace look its very best is critical, we also recognize that one of the most compelling reasons to have a deep clean done is to help maintain healthy work environments. Particularly while COVID-19 poses health and safety risks for many workers, we are proud to offer extensive hygiene cleans to help stop your team from getting sick.

Our cleaners use best practices to make sure that your hygiene cleaning gets the results you need. This means that we use the proper chemicals and protective equipment and maintain proper procedures to limit cross-contamination and take down as many germs as possible, leaving your workplace safer and more comfortable. 

In the process of a hygiene clean, we can even use rapid protein residue testing to verify the cleanliness of various surfaces. These tests are simple to interpret and can wield results in as quickly as 10 minutes – making them the perfect tool for evaluating results during the cleaning process.


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