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There are many reasons to host company events. Large meetings can help you close deals or collaborate over big projects, conferences can help you forge industry connections, and who doesn’t love a great workplace holiday party?


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The downside of events is often the absolute chaos they can leave in your workplace. Post-event space chaos can range from a few too many crumbs being left behind during an important business lunch to spilt holiday party drinks and dishes just about anywhere in the building. Whatever the specifics, CWC360 commercial cleaners can have it handled and get your workplace a little bit of cleaning TLC in no time!

Taking Care of Your Worst Post-event Cleanup Woes

Whatever type of event you plan to host in your workspace, CWC can tackle everything event cleanup! Our team can ensure that your washrooms are tidy, carpets and upholstery are spotless, and surfaces are both visually and hygienically cleaned.

We’re experienced commercial and event cleaners, so we not only have the know-how to tackle some of the worst work messes out there, but we also know how to work around busy workplace schedules. Even if your event goes into the evening hours, we can make sure to come in for a post-event cleaning at a time that doesn’t disturb your employees.

Hygienic Cleanings for Large Events

Bringing a bunch of visitors into your business space can be a great opportunity for facilitating business conversations and exchanging knowledge. Unfortunately, it can also be a great time to pass around viruses and germs of all sorts. As a part of your event cleanup, CWC360 can carry out hygienic cleanings of all your surfaces to help make sure your space is totally clean and healthy. We can also come in for pre-event hygienic cleanings if you would like some extra preparation for your event.

Our Accredited, Insured Event Cleaners in Liverpool Compliance

Book your commercial event cleaning in Liverpool with our insured and accredited cleaning team for excellent peace of mind throughout the process. Along with carrying insurance that covers accidents during the cleaning process, our commercial cleaners are prepped with training and proper equipment, so you can trust us to get the job done right. 

Working With Our Liverpool Event Cleaners

With over 150 clients in the northwestern UK, CWC360 carries out some 3,500 hours of cleaning each week, and it’s no problem for us to add your corporate event cleanup to our list! To get started, just contact us; we’ll set up a meeting with you as a next step to review your space and event cleaning needs. Once we have a sense of everything you’ll need from our team, we’ll pass an itemised service quote your way, and coordinate the timing for your event cleaning in Liverpool.

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